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What is Sugaring?


Besides an alternative to waxing, Sugaring is 100% all natural and is made up of only three simple ingredients: lemon, water, and sugar.  Although it is new to Maui, this procedure dates back to Cleopatra and the ancient Egyptian times. Sugaring lasts longer, has no chemicals or resins, and is safe for even the most sensitive skin.​

How is Sugaring performed?  


Sugaring is performed with one single ball of sugar paste.  It is molded and adheres to the hair in the opposite direction of growth and with a quick flick, removed in the direction growth.  This process is repeated over and over. 

How long does it last?


Depending on the individual and their personal hair growth cycle,  it may vary.  Some areas of the body grow hair faster and it may take a few appointments close together (1 to 2 weeks) before one can go for a longer period of time (4 to 6 weeks) without sugaring.  If you choose to spread the appointments out the hair will still decrease and become finer it will just take longer. 

How sanitary is Sugaring? 


Very Sanitary, gloves are used throughout the entire process, one ball of sugar, and if more is needed gloves are changed out.  There is no double dipping.  Also bacteria cannot breed in high concentrations of sugar. 

Does it hurt? 


The first time is always the most intense because the hair follicle is thick and healthy, it has been getting lots of nutrients and blood flow.  When hair is removed from the root consistently over the course of time the follicle gets less nutrients and the hair removes with less pain to no pain, also leading to finer and finer hair.  The sugar paste only adheres to the hair not the skin therefore making it less painful because live skin is not being removed.  As well as the sugar paste is not hot.  If it is around or on your menstrual cycle, hair removal can be a little more painful.

Will I be sticky?  


No. The sugar paste comes right off with water or a warm towel.  

How and when to exfoliate?  


Exfoliating lightly before you come to your appointment and four days after your appointment lightly.  When the new hair cycles begin to come through you can exfoliate to the point it kind of hurts yet still feels good.  I recommend exfoliating with a towel or glove NOT a loofah, they tend to carry bacteria.     

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